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Terence has been a creative designer and photographer for 10 years. In this time, he has worked with a number of clients ranging from branding, social media and photography. Starting as a designer at the age of 18, he has grown to be creative in areas that he himself would not have imagined.

1. Education

Seven Kings High School
Epping Forest College
City University (DNF) 😌

2. Earlier Years

Worked in various jobs within the retail, city and hospitality industry.

3. The Krazyness begins

Left my job to go full time in Photography. Got to travel the world for 6 years photographing weddings.

4. Learning & Adapting

As well as photographing beautiful weddings, I also started a small company called 'Krazy Media. Starting from Graphic Designing to Web designs and more

5. Knowledge

From not enjoying education, to spending hours learning more about the world and creativity (of course!)

6. Diamond in the rough

Life teaches you many things and of those was never to give up and keep striving for more. Left Wedding Photography to go solo.

7. Brain Juice

Having spent 8+ years creating, finally gets to put up all his work from over the years.

8. Skys not the Limit

The journey will never stop and if you're comfortable riding it, you've stopped learning.