FIRST LADY the perfect London perfection range for all things beautiful
First Lady London

Our products offer a complete beautifying range for all skin & hair types. 

Whether you are looking for a hair treatment, hyper-pigmentation remedy, skin moisturising solution or something simply for your cleansing ritual we have it all.
Our wide product range consists of various sub-brands and each individual product has been formulated and developed by our dermatologist and our specialist laboratory.

After our initial consultation and working with their existing brand, I advised to split brands apart and target it to a wider audience.

Elysee Star, who own First Lady London and Chear Beauty, worked with me to launch two brands under their umbrella. The aim for First Lady London was to drive an unknown brand into the market, taking advantage of areas they have not been introduced into including social media marketing, Adwords and now adding an app. 

Our current campaigns bring over 200% return on their initial advertisement investment and even during the pandemic, we’ve managed to increase their reach across the waters. We’re slowly entering a global distribution market whereby retailers in other countries will stock the items in their stores. 

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