Independent sales and lettings agency
Lifestyle Property

Lifestyle Property is independently owned and managed. This means that not only is our success directly related to your satisfaction, but you can expect a tailor-made personal service adapted to your needs.

We understand that your property is probably the most valuable possession you own, so it makes sense for you to take advantage of our 25 years’ combined experience in property sales, letting & management across the whole of East London and North East Essex.

Lifestyle Property approached me in 2015 to bring some life to their existing brand and move away from their yellow branded colours.

This would be one of the my first projects I’d undertake to rebrand the business and allow it to flourish in an upcoming market. Lifestyle Property have two offices , one in Walthamstow and the newly developed office in Docklands. 

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I’ve worked with a variety of clients over the years and if you’re interested in having a conversation about your next project, just send me an enquiry and I can arrange time to go through your project needs.