11 years in the clothing industry and we’re relaunching the brand.

London Kings Clothing

An exclusive range from London Kings Clothing, priced for affordability, yet keeping its standards high.

They say that a kingdom is like a pyramid: the King on top and the people below. But in our world, it’s upside down. London Kings Clothing is part of an upcoming brand synergy working with creatives and musicians worldwide.

A brand that existed in the market for years and shelved, has been brought back to life with a new outlook in place to take it global.

I love working with brands and I love it even more when I can be involved first hand to consult, as well as develop the brand from scratch. Kash London, owner of London Kings Records, London Kings Clothing and management of Tasha Tah/Rio Jai, works with myself to develop brands across the globe. Having met intially last year through a mutual friend, we have since been in touch and taking leaps into an industry that most feel are saturated.

We’re both big believers of you can do anything in this lifetime and our energies connect well to take businesses and brands to the next level. Though still in infancy stage of a brand, we’re going to take this to the mountains and beyond with our exquisite clothing at affordable prices. 

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I’ve worked with a variety of clients over the years and if you’re interested in having a conversation about your next project, just send me an enquiry and I can arrange time to go through your project needs.