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Read-only if you want an insight into my life

Read-only if you want
an insight into my life

September 2, 2021
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Hello! I’m Terence (or Terry), a documentary wedding photographer based in Essex, just outside London. I’ve had a bit of a journey in my photography career and I thought it is a great way for you to get to know my stories of how I became a wedding photographer. Rollback over 8 years ago a night before it all changed for me, having spent many years working in various roles from retail to communications. In between that, I was being creative using Macromedia to build websites and designs.

I dropped out of University and was working with Three UK (mobile) when a relative approached me to get me into photography, which if I had not woken up that day I wouldn’t be telling you this story today. I was there, in Timbaland’s and jeans, shooting an Indian wedding, without ever giving it a thought where it will lead me. My knowledge within the industry was vague, but as I always learnt was to give it a try, picking up a camera as I hesitated to look for shots. It hadn’t taken too long to learn the cameras and there was my start in snapping moments.

I found myself working for a company that at the time the hype of the scene. I was introduced to various amounts of suppliers and with my knowledge of creativity, I also looked at branding alongside photography. 

I spent over 3 years crafting my skills within the Indian wedding industry and enjoyed travels that included the USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy and more. I was able to travel anywhere and enjoy snapping scenes that would scream art, but have their beautiful moments.

I then left to join KarmaKai where I got to enhance my skills and travel further globally. I got to capture moments in Barbados, Malayasia, Indian, as well as beautiful England. This allowed me to further my documentary-style approach to photography and to date I have shot over 250+ weddings.

I took a break from Photography just before COVID-19 began, concentrating on the family which I also enjoyed more time my Grandma and Grandad, who unfortunately passed away early in 2021. I am now happily married and ready to concentrate on photography further to bring you photos to reminisce on. The break taught me great lessons and having been back shooting events over the last few weeks, I have greatly missed it!

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