There are few truths that can be taken with complete certainty throughout our lives. Until we die, we will always have more questions than we do answers.

We turn to social media and news in hopes of validation. Insecurity on the internet fuels a startling number of people. Media is another way we validate ourselves, thus why America watches the Academy Awards as if our dreams depend on it; why an Oscar failure will affect people more than most of the problems with American foreign policy (but not all our problems). Comments bring us together; there’d be no Reddit without them. But the anonymity is making us louder, crueller and somehow meaner towards one another. It is also bringing about push back too: stand up comedy has always been funny, but people are so sensitive that they’re more offended by humour.

What is it about the new normal that people are still looking for validation when they only need to do one thing and that is to be themselves. Rather than trying to please others, how about we take control of what’s around us and do less worrying.

The Value of social media posts can be quite remarkable, and unlike other broadcast mediums. Social Media users validate brands through the sharing of experiences. The individuals who make up your community believe in what you are doing. The information they receive is worth enough to share it on a global stage for all to see.

Social media and technology enable and enhance our relationships with other people, but can also draw unnecessary attention to ourselves and make us feel inferior in comparison to others. Additionally, the desire for validation or acceptance through likes is not always obtainable, yet is desired by many as a means of validation or self-esteem. Rather than constantly judge yourself based on how what you posted online affect other’s perception of you, strive to find happiness within yourself from things that are less shallow forms of judgement in daily life.

We really need to start awakening ourselves to realise the only validation you need is from yourself, that outside pressures should be ignored and to always trust yourself in any situation. It sometimes can be hard to be the real you in front of people, but as time goes on you’ll start being comfortable with yourself.

P.S.  This was all written by AI software, so all I can say is be the real you and find validation how. you want, the way you want and without anyone stopping you.

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